Who can say anything about this swap service?

I want to sell large amount of LTC around the end of February but I don’t want to take any chances. I was advised to look for exchangers where there is a fixed exchange rate, in case the coin rate drops. Who can say anything about this swap service - SimpleSwap?
I looked at their reviews, everything seems to be fine.

What do you think of this platform???

Thanks, Paulo

No idea. It comes up, but I did not sign up, so don’t know the KYC or other hoops you have to jump through.


Tried to make a few exchanges through them. I did them at different intervals during the week. Out of 3 exchanges they were only able to complete one. The other two exchanges were refunded (the transaction fee was paid by me).

If the question is still relevant to you, then look at Swapswop.

Used SimpleSwap before, works. Of course it is risky by design. From what I understand you are not trying to sell LTC, but swap it for another crypto. That is what simpleswap does, it is not an onramp/offramp.

You say you want to sell a large amout, seek an OTC (over the counter) service or a human broker in your city that is happy to buy LTC from you (serious ones do). That or look into the bisq software.