Where to exchange LCC?

I have some LCC but where do you guys exchange it for other coins?
Yobit seems to be the only one listing LCC but they have disabled deposits.

Where can we deposit LCC and exchange it these days?

meanxtrade… I don’t use it, so not a recommendation try at your own. risk

meanxtrade only offers $1 / LCC?

no idea

Try Bittrex

MeanXTrade, Tradesatoshi, Southxchange or Marcatox

I end up using crypto-bridge… nice exchange so far.

I knew about there are two different Exchange those Accept Lcc to other currency, The first one is Youbit and second one is CoinCodex.

Actually, if the cryptocurrency exchange is big and global it has all of the current systems and the price is a medium or the best you can find. But I do not prefer popular cryptocurrency exchange because They are not very attentive to their customers because they have too many customers so it’s hard to pay attention to everybody. Not so long ago I had an argument with one big with the currency exchange and the support did not help me. So I decided to find a better one and I found a very good crypto exchange with 0 fees. I even couldn’t imagine how much money I can save on these fees.