Where is the blog?

What happened to the official blog?

The BitCoin guys have an official source dedicated just to software releases, why doesn’t Ltc have this?

b/c Litecoin only needs one fork at a time… api and all that are at litecoin.org

The thing is I don’t know when new releases come out, with RSS I can simply have the information reach me when it’s ready, as well as news on the releases.

the oly newest release was SEGWIT back in January…I’m sure you will see it here if and when the next upgrade happens…but its not needed anytime soon so don’t count on “new release info” if there is no need for a new version…

But that’s just it, I don’t check these things, I forget.

RSS comes to me, I don’t check BitCoin Core, or TOR releases, I’m kept up to date with a feed.

Yes, I know I could be on an email list, but I prefer RSS, what’s wrong with that?

rite on…pretty sure you can get email notifications on here…if you create a topic it should send you responses and updates on any topic you create…

BTC Core just got a new release.

I suppose I would get replies, but the devs likely wouldn’t reply to an old thread, why not create a new one specifically for releases?

A blog would be great to read about new announcements in the world of Litecoin. Maybe it could be a collection of aggregated articles, reddit link shares and charts of Litecoin prices.

LTC doesn’t need this. I think it’s wrong to compare it with bitcointalk