Where is LTC going after this crash?

Hey friends, where do you think is going to go the LTC price after this recent crash?

We’re right in the thick of things, so it is difficult to discern. The crypto space is general is still so relatively early in its development. While I’m guilty at times as well, we cannot simply focus on price. Keep accumulating as Lee does his thing with development and building relationships/use cases.

Revisiting this article from the beginning of the Coronavirus eased my mind a bit:

Coronavirus Proves Bitcoin’s Value And Use Case For Good (forbes.com)

“At $175 billion market cap for BTC, a bitcoin believer will consider bitcoin has a lot of upside. So that while bitcoin may slide after the “peak virus” moment on the developing coronavirus situation, there will be no shortage of disasters and emergencies in the future to drive bitcoin’s value.”

If I am lucky enough, after crash the LTC will go directly into my pocket. :joy:

BTW, just got some more :slight_smile:

why do you short it?

Not anymore. LTC price is quite low.

I dont disagree with the cointelegraph article calling all of us LTC hodlers stupid. Forever cucked.

The answer is no one knows

what’s the opposite of the moon?

I would say we can go to nadir, as opposed to zenith.

Trader would forever short LTC over any other crypto.