Where in the world are my LTC?

Hi All,

I’m really new to all this as you can see from my Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/77i0ei/why_are_my_ltc_not_in_the_wallet/

I’d really, really, REALLY appreciate some help with this as I’m panicking my LTC have disappeared into thin air.

I sent my LTC from Coinbase to an address produced by my Litecoin Core wallet. I know now I should have use Electrum or another as they don’t download the ‘Blockchain’.

I checked that this receiving address exists in my Litecoin Core Wallet - it does, and is exactly the same address as I used to send from my Coinbase account. So, am I missing a step? Have I done something wrong? Have a sent them to someone else?

Hope you clever guys can help solve my mystery :slight_smile:


what is the receiving address? did you send to that address from your coinbase wallet and get a two factor code and then it said “your transaction is on the way”? if you sent it using coinbase…they tend to have a backlog of transactions from time to time…
contact them at support@coinbase.com and tell them you need your transaction broadcast to the blockchain

because it has been pending for a considerably long period of time…usually gets sent shortly after they get those emails…put “pending transaction for long period of time” in the subject of the email

Thanks so much for your response!


As you can see from the Imgur post on my Reddit post, the transaction states “Completed” which I find odd.

I will email Coinbase to ask them what’s going on, based on your good advise. Thank you.

BTW, can you tell anything from that receiving address I’ve just posted?