Where do you see Litecoin in 2025?

So, what are your thought? Honest predictions and opinions greatly appreciated.

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Bitcoin has reached 9% of Gold’s valuation today. Litecoin has reached approx 1% of silver today.

If people agree to the popular narrative that Bitcoin is digital gold and Litecoin is digital silver. One could assume LTC will approach the marketcap of silver over time. Which would be over 100x from today.

With the next halving in 2023 Litecoin"s block reward will half to 6.25 LTC per block. As Bitcoin becomes more and more expensive per coin, more people will buy Litecoin. I could also see people swapping from BCH and BSV into Litecoin. Add to that Litecoin can earn 6.5% interest today vs max 5% for BTC. Many people prefer steady higher interest earnings over potential capital appreciation. As seen in bonds.

Also Litecoin moves more or less alongside Bitcoin. Hence at least 10x until the next halving in 2023 is reasonable and probable as early as late October 2021 when Bitcoin is expected to reach its high of the current 4 year cycle.


I would like to add that the timing of Bitcoin’s and Litecoin’s halving have been cleverly set-up to pull each other up.

cycle high > late 2021
cool down > 2022

Litecoin halving > 2023
Bitcoin halving > 2024
next cycle high > late 2025
cool down > 2026

Litecoin halving > 2027
Bitcoin halving > 2028
next cycle high > late 2029
cool down > 2030


No idea but at least between 1500 and 5000$ :stuck_out_tongue:

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