Where do I download TESTNET Litecoin Wallet?

Where do I download TESTNET Litecoin Wallet? I want a model that is not CORE. that you don’t need to download the entire blockchain.

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U don’t need another version
Just write in ur litecoin.conf

hello, maybe my question was not clear… I would like to know if there is another wallet (that doesn’t download the blockchain… the file is too big). like electrum? I downloaded electrum-ltc but didn’t find testnet support.

I don’t think LiteCoin TestNet is even working. None of the dns seed addresses for testnet work…the mainnet is working but doesn’t appear to me anyone is supporting the LiteCoin testnet?

you can try coiniomi for android, they support btc and ltc testnets

Litecoin testnet seems to be nearly down.
There is only 1 miner or something.
It takes very much time to transfer coins which slows u down in development to much.

I’m using kotia as testchain.
I have plenty of them and it’s a litecoin clone :person_shrugging: