Where can i find documentation or examles for lightning network

Where can i find some information about how to code for LTC network.
Is there some guide?
Where can i find some information about lightning network - opening channels and handling them.
Is there some place where can i find basic about codding with LTC, most documentation i did find is 2-5 years old (https://github.com/bcoin-org/lcoin), is there any up-to-date?

In api desc there is nothing about lightning channels Litecoin.info/index.php/Litecoin_API

https://lightning.network/lightning-network-paper.pdf is preety general also.

Are there any examples, guides? Where should i start if i want to create android based app using lighting network, with possibility to create channels.

In https://github.com/litecoin-project/litecoin/ there is no info about lightning network, no documetation, nor code to check.