When you buy or sell litecoin, you ever think about coding your trading idea?

Some people are broke and crying, most of them are regretting for their greedy or fearful emotion in trading.

When you buy or sell litecoin or other cryptos, you ever think about coding your trading idea?

Like when to enter, when to leave, stop loss point, take profit, various index lines, all of these can be coding into a trading strategy, then you operate this strategy instead of watching prices all day. The strategy will operate orders and rules you set. Everything’s under control, hands free, no emotional breakdown. It’s like you having a robot working for you, and you control it through your trading strategy.

Before that, traders need to learn how to program, JavaScript, python, C++, or other easy languages.
like this:

var Coin = ''
var Fiat = ''
var RefreshLoop = 0
var Account = ''
var Depth = ''
var Orders = ''
var BuyWeighted = 0
var SellWeighted = 0
var MidPrice = 0
var InitialBalance = exchange.GetAccount().Balance + exchange.GetAccount().Stocks * exchange.GetDepth().Bids[0].Price

function CancelPendingOrders() {
    for (var j = 0; j < Orders.length; j++) {
          exchange.CancelOrder(Orders[j].Id, Orders[j])}

function UpdateAll() {
    Account = exchange.GetAccount()
    Depth = exchange.GetDepth()
    Orders = exchange.GetOrders()

function UpdatePrice() {
    //MidPrice = (Depth.Asks[0].Price+Depth.Bids[0].Price)/2
    BuyWeighted = Depth.Asks[0].Price * (1+SPREAD/100)
    SellWeighted = Depth.Bids[0].Price * (1-SPREAD/100)

source code: https://www.fmz.com/bbs-topic/2282