When should ı buy litecoin?

When should I buy Litecoin?
Does it have a date? When will it reach its expected potential? When will this rise take place

When least expected?
It’s a solid coin, no premine, Zero downtime, ethical founder, strong foundation, etc.


Market timing is difficult, but I see that it is a good moment to buy Litecoin, as retail investors are coming: https://bitcoinvalueresearch.substack.com/p/the-impact-of-retail-investors-on

I believe Litecoin has value not only as an investment but also it is better alternative to payments and transfers than other crypto.


Best time to buy is yesterday, the second best time to buy is now


You should look at the opportunity in whole ecosystem of LITECOIN, there is a project by LITECOIN foundation that gives consistent daily profits regardless of market direction through arbitrage trading on Cryptocurrency Exchanger. If you are interested to know further, I can give you details.

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Of course I would like to get investment advice from you

From the Litecoin foundation?

Yes. An excellent profitable project from Litecoin Foundation with low risk, secured and trusted.

How can I explained? I have a slides presentation on the subject. The Investment will give passive return of 7% (on $1k investment) to 18% (on $30k investment) return monthly, consistently without fail or any loss. Since it’s an arbitrage trading. Withdrawal can be done with $100 minimum to any wallet in form of LTC. Withdrawal takes 120 hrs maximum. Daily profit will be credited into investors account.

I got into crypto October 2017 when Bitcoin was usd 5’500. I just kept buying using the dollar cost average principle = invest the same amount of USD every month until you reach your target.

Now that there are solid companies paying interest on Bitcoin about 5% and 6.5% on Litecoin my goals have evolved to reach a number of LTC to retire off the interest earnings without having to spend any of the bought coins.

Another goal could be to save some for young kids so they will be able to earn a nice interest and pay for their education or lifestyle in the very near future.

FAQ (Coinpedia)

Is Litecoin a good investment?

Yes, Litecoin might be a good investment if you are thinking of investing for a long-term.

Will Litecoin break its previous price records in future?

Yes, Litecoin might definitely break its previous price records as it is anticipated to rise.

What will be the price of Litecoin in future?

In future, Litecoin might trade around $690.

Where to trade Litecoin?

Litecoin can be traded at exchanges like Binance, Bitrue, Coinbase Pro, OKEx, HitBTC and many more.

Problem nobody knows - goes up and down all the time. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Buy a small amounts over time, sundays it’s almost always on sale.

What’s the reason for the big drop? What’s going on?

The following website has great charts and on-chain analytics for Litecoin and BTC and Dash.

click on featured charts and scroll down to Fair Value chart.

The fair value of Litecoin today is USD 514. Smack on what I had calculated myself comparing LTC to Bitcoin and XRP based on network value, traded volume, oustanding coins to mint / sell.

Buy, dollar cost average, hodl in an interest earning account. Price will catch-up with the fair value.

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I plan to buy and hold every month. I think it’s not only a assets for make profits but also the currency in the future.


Best time to buy litecoin or anyother coin with good potential is now. Certainly we can’t predict with total accuracy the fluctuations in prices because crypto markets are volatile but we know for sure the price is gonna soar in the near future. Good luck

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