When should i buy and when is It going to go Up and make ya some Money?

Hello i was woundering when is It time ti buy and why isent litecoin going Up and making US some Money ?

Don’t ask me. I have a ‘natural talent’ to buy high and sell low. It’s a gift. I get on www.bitcointalk.org and tell folk I’m selling LTC at the end of the month and people pm to thank me! Because as soon as I sell the price of LTC shoots up. I should really accept LTC just to sell it as I almost always am holding the wrong end of the stick…it would be like the ‘rainmaker’ that traveled in the old west…saying he could make it rain…just a little LTC here to prime the pump…don’t ya know! (the sad part is MOST of what I claim above is true…so sad! ) ;(

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