When release LTC MWEB code?

when? I saw 2020.12 monthes ago , but now it’s 2021.01, why? no one explain it!!!

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Why you need MWEB? You can use ZEC, DSH, XMR instead of MWEB for anonimous transaction.

Just dig the habbit hole @520_btc. 0.21.rc1 is already available.


I appreciate further development of the Blockchain and increased security of transactions for security sake, and development to further the Blockchain, however I do not agree with adding this extra layer if it is purely to add an extra anonymity factor to the blockchain. I understand the principle, but I also understand the path this leads down and the damage it will cause to the blockchain in the eyes of the mainstream. We will loose ground rather than gain it. While it may drive prices up short term, it will end up killing the block chain long term if that is the purpose of these new protocols that are proposed.

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That kind of thinking is pretty much absent in the litecoin crowd, they are all for twitter though.

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How can non-miners, non-programmers contribute to our favorite “little coin” ? I am searching for something like Umbrel Lightning node but for Litecoin. Or does it help the community to run a non-mining Litecoin full node?

  • Any tips on how to do this? Which OS? ARM or x86? Or using docker?

Can one contribute to MWEB in any special way?

PS: Buy the DIP and be patient for the Hyperlitecoinization!
I love Litecoin, because since one never has to think about TX Mempool pile-up, even my elderly mother and anti-tech family members use Litecoin to send some money without any knowledge about fees like a boss, cheaply and fast.

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the thread sounds interesting… now Can one contribute to MWEB in any special way?
can anybody help me with this?

If you are a coder, you can review the work is being done by david. (GitHub - ltc-mweb/litecoin)