What's the best litecoin wallet to store large amount of ltc?

I want to recommend to a friend, a very easy to use litecoin wallet that is software and very secure to store large amount of litecoins.

ALL software wallets can be compromised. Either by user error, or by other hacking or malware stealing your keys. Your best bet is multiple paper wallets with equal Litecoin denominations, or get hardware wallet like Ledger Nano.

DO NOT send all coins to a Phone Wallet like Loaf Wallet. DO NOT keep all coins in your phone / one wallet.

Also not being familiar with wallets, people / users loose passwords or seed, and then try to recover the coins. Make sure you backup both password and wallet seed. Backup your Private Keys. Make a backup of the backup and keep it in SAFE place. DO NOT tell anyone where you have them stored, or where you are keeping the passwords or private keys. Your information should be encrypted and password protected.

You should tell them to do the work themselves, as only they can keep this information safe and private. Your friend may want to look into Litecoin Electrum to start, and move coins from exchange, then move them into cold storage (paper wallet, or Ledger).

Look up Ledger Nano S and only buy from the Ledger website, not from a 3rd party as they could be compromised, or you will just be scammed out of your $ / btc / ltc by someone claiming to be a reseller. Ref links are OK, as many ppl do have those, but make sure (triple check) that you are buying from the legit Ledger website.

Maybe this was posted before, so read up on Forums on Litecoin wiki. Good luck.


Thank u sor. i appreciate

I agree with Spiller.

The nano ledger s is your best bet for your main coins. They support ripple, litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum & other big players in the market.

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I followed this guide which works perfectly:

They don’t ask for I.D or card details which is great.

If anyone else has some more suggestions let me know!

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Besides the native Litecoin wallet, I guess Bitpanda is a nice option. I think you should read about different wallets on review platforms and compare the features and get to know what people say about these wallets.

Definitely agree with the hardware being the best solution, I prefer Ledger, and you can back up your recovery words on crypto keys which protect against heat, corrosion and being crushed. Crypto Keys, aside from that limited amounts on Litewallet formerly the loaf wallet is sleek and simple to use. This is where I move my Litecoin for purchases and transfers.