What will happen on 1. August?

Hi all,

I have read a lot of rumors about the 1. August, where Bitcoin miners may be forced to activate Segwit.
How will this influence Litecoin? What would be the better scenario for Litecoin?

Cheers, XuS

No one can force a miner to activate segwit.

true but non segwit miners will not be mining the same blockchain as everyone else at that time…so it could cause a split if some refuse to switch…however I guarantee anyone who owns a bitmain miner will be mining segwit without choice if they have anything newer than an s7…my guess is that as long as there is no chain split and bitcoin successfully activates just as litecoin did then i see that only proving Litecoins security as well as SEGWIT security is not as vulnerable as people first thought…so hype? maybe…why not…I always buy into hype as long as the charts agree but that’s just me