What to buy old KNC Titan Cubes and or Complete Machine as toy for dust coins, etc


-----revised ----see below----offering more $$$ for cube…and/or complete 4 cube KNC Titan Miner Set.

(note this is also up on www.bitcointalk.org thus the name/profile info below)

Still looking for some Titan Cubes and or a full set.

Full set Titan setup 4 cubes 300mh configuration with ribbons card etc I’ll take off your hands for $150 complete w/o shipping.

Any Titan cube alone, I’ll take off folks hands for $45, including the same price for the controller also w/o shipping

again, this is not including shipping …(but don’t go crazy on that either) bare bones prices…purely priced in toy mode

in that LTC I think I lose $4 a day at 14c kWh rate…

raised the price…dorking around with scrypt-pow dust coins and such others…stuff to do…hoarding hoping the pump by winter

hope I can find enough dust coins to make up for heat this winter at least…a long shot…but stuff to do…i really liked my $17 buck

heat bill a month…so seeing if this goes anyplace…and again, toys and I have the means sitting around here to mod and repaste

them…may as well put the fans/maxumark brackets and the rest laying about to use yet) anyway, so it goes

we can do escrow and/or you can accept my 20+ deals with comments and my 180 trust rating and Legendary as proof enough…on my Searing Bitcointalk account…(see my

deals in profile on bigger stuff than this with a handshake) whatever you may be comfortable with we can figure out…but via bitcointalk route looking at my reviews
I’m sure for the meager amount of $$$ above, I can asage your fears on such…or
whatever you are comfortable with for payment options…

toys,toys,toys…frigging BTC better pump for these sh*tcoins to work someday, I’m attempting to hoard with titans…lol :slight_smile: But again, mod’s laying about here for knc titan’s
paste/fans/maxumark brackets/copper heatsinks/etc…may as well put them to use and
hope for a pump in btc price and or dust coins using this on (at current time don’t pay
for LTC to do so) and of course the main angle…starting around Oct 2018…heating the
house with miners and ‘hope’ coin pump angle…

anyway, the plan…the toys…the boredeom…(damn, I need a life) :frowning:



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Well, obviously folk do not like my prices. So if you have ANY KNC Titan boards or KNC Y

power adapters or titan cubes, etc. I’m also interested in Neptune Controllers. Let me know

and we can haggle on price.

I think probably, folk will want more than I’m willing to pay to ‘dork around with this more’ but

we will see.



Again …looking for some KNC Titan Stuff…we can dicker on price…just not seeing any

befuddled? Did they (being evil and all) just ‘evaporate’ when mining script-pow and LTC went b


anyway, stuff to do


8/11/18 offers

Just an FYI on what the market is doing for KNC Titans. I split a KNC Titan (6 cubes or 3 cubes for each of us) for $325 and including shipping. Got it off Ebay.

That comes out for me and my buddy at $162.50 each. With the ‘good old’ 25% equipment deduction in 1 year off taxes owed IRS angle. That drops the ‘real’

price to $121.88 for a 3 cube Titan. IF the controller is worth 1 cube, that comes out to approximately $30.47 AFTER EQUIP DEDUCTION TO IRS.

IF you include the controller at the same price as a cube. (See my above 3 cubes with controller Ebay price)

Anyway, again, willing to pay $180 a 4 cube unit (complete) or $45 a working cube, using the above figures as a guide. These prices include shipping. I am

a bit lower than the above auction, because of the week delay to set this up and pay on here and likely a week to ship. Not out of malice. Time is money kinda shipping/thing. :wink:

So I think $180 for a complete 4 cube Titan with controller complete and shipping. Or $45 bucks a cube is fair. Again will split that with my buddy, so he

gets 1/2…just so everyone does not think I’m too crazy at these prices.

Anyway, above info for those ‘lurking’ gives you an idea ‘as of today’ what you can get per controller or cube with the above, both before and after the 25% equip deduction.

They need something to read on this thread of note as well, even if NOT selling. :slight_smile:



Still looking. Let me know if you have anything. We can dicker on price/etc.