What sport game is the most popular in the world?

What sport game is the most popular in the world?

Good day! I can say that there are many popular games. Many depends on your location and what exactly do you like. For example in USA soccer is not so popular, but basketball is on the first place. As for me I am a fan of tennis, I follow all matches scores via https://tennisbetslab.com/scores/ very comfortable service! And what about you?

Soccer is popular in the US before you turn 15. But we finally have a league that we can attract good talent…we have a long way to go though.

Really depends on your location, soccer/football is famous in the US and Europe while some people in Australia have their own football (Aussie Rules). Here in Japan, we als o have our football, tennis and (personally) ice hockey.

I think it is football(soccer)!

When it comes to sport, I am sure that soccer is the most popular game in the world. But I am sure that it isn’t worth the attention it gets. I am far from sport at all. I prefer Microgaming and it brings me much joy. I just play in front of my computer but that’s exciting

Most famous is football, but there’s some sports with relative new tournaments that drives people crazy too. Like Box with MMA and the UFC

Soccer and e-sports are the best for me!!

I think is football. The football world tournament is the most popular of all other sports tournaments

Football of course.
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