What makes LTC a solid investment?

I’m invested in Litecoin because the digital currency doesn’t compete with Bitcoin’s hashing power, Litecoin has a long history with no downtime, worldwide adoption, functional as designed, store of value, and becoming sound money.

Your reasons?


It works and doesn’t pretend to be more than what it is. Solid dev team, fun community, constant innovation


Litecoin offers a number of benefits for users over Bitcoin, including faster processing speeds and lower transaction costs.

All very good points. I like the consistency of Litecoin in comparison to the likes of BTC. I know too many who have lost with Bitcoin.

It’s a crypto :grinning:

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It’s the crypto BTC probably ought to be but just later to the party.

You have made some solid points. LTC has been very consistent and still within the grip of investors. It has more potential to give back.

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I like that LTC is 4x quicker than Bitcoin, rewards miners more frequently, and has lower fees.

Thanks I will have to do some research on it

Any tips how to get started