What is the state of LiteCoin development

18.1 is now ancient. Is LiteCoin still being developed, or is it relegated to the dustbin of history?

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I see at GitHub Repository; they are still alive. :grinning:


The most recent commit to the master branch was 145 days ago. That’s not very active


Are you unaware of MWEB? Or Taproot update coming soon?

I’ve heard all about these upcoming features. Is the development open source? If so we should be able to review the code somewhere. I’d expect to find evidence of them on a feature branch of the repository posted above


@ayepod take a look at @David branches’. He will merge 0.21 and he already commited the code and will make the PR so it doesn’t interfere with mweb.


Fantastic. Thank you

Just noticed that he published the rc1 tag:


Here is the PR: Litecoin Core v0.21.1 by DavidBurkett · Pull Request #751 · litecoin-project/litecoin · GitHub

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Thank you for your answer. :grinning: