What is the reason of Litecoin fall?

Litecoin’s correction started a week earlier than the crypto market’s, driven by its overbought RSI and a drying buying sentiment in the days leading up to its “halving” on August 2nd. LTC price has dropped over 30% since the day its RSI crossed the overbought threshold reading of 70. What do you think the price of litecoin will drop more?

Yes, potentially it looks like that It will be dropping by some more dollars. Future predictions also suggest the same. But in the long run investors do trust litecoin to come back stronger than ever.


Ya it may become stronger in future than before.

Most probably due to market’s bear phase litecoin is also experiencing an overall downfall.


Not this investor, stick with ETH and BTC. USE LTC for payments, it’s great for that. It is not for store of value and holding your vast crypto fortune.