What is the objective of your investment?

Hi guys,

I am interested in the objective of your litecoin investment.

Are you planing to do a long term investment (3-5years), or are you focused on rather short term profit making (3-6months)?

Personally, I am seeing a long term investment in Litecoin. Maybe I can gather a nice amount money for starting a big investment (e.g. buy my own house).

Cheers, XuS

I’m definitely long term. The shorter the investment horizon, the more random the price move and the more difficult it is to make money IMO.

That said, it looks to me like another big move will happen soon. Trading volume has declined, price action is flat, so the Bollinger Bands have tightened. This happened right before the last big move up June 16:

I was involved in some company doing crypto mining 3 years ago, paid like $500, got back like 80% money and some Litecoins.

I will probably HODL until end of 2018 and see how the valuation goes. Not too much lost on my end anyway.