What is the 'legit' blockcard site for getting LTC on a debit card. I have 2 one must be fake

(edited out…probably dubious link above…see msgs below directly of litecoin foundation site…for what

I’m looking for …from someone who has jumped through the hoops in next message)

Is the above legit? If not, I have a ‘fake’ link…trying to scam me out of $$$.

Just asking, supposedly, it is ‘open’ now, or it is just a fraud link sent to me.



Only use the link from Charlie.


Confused. This seems to be the old ‘rewards’ card. I’m looking for the link for the actual debit card.

Following the links I get this.

(edited it out as likely not legit as not directly off litecoin foundation site)

Says I’m not registered, when emails say I’m registered…and last email said if link one did not work

to try this other link…both of which are not above.

So to say the ‘waters’ are muddied…is an understatement at best.

So again, looking for clarity for someone who actually got through the process above on getting the above card…in that the ‘supposed’ as far as I can tell litecoin foundation says I need to add funds
to get debit card…but none of the links above …is the link I’m being told and the link may not be a
scam but in that it won’t let me put any info in…and says not available (I’m in USA) but the ones
above do say…thus…either they have some broken links or something

don’t want to put dubious links here…the above are from the litecoin foundation site…I just don’t want to make dual accounts…if there are busted links or something and I already have an account…

So anyway…step by step…from the litecoin foundation above (god knows that should be legit unless i’m hallucinating all this)

has anyone followed the links above off the litecoin foundation site and been able to fund this debit carfd…or is as I suspect one of the now 4 links (of which I’ve only posted those above directly from litecoin foundation site) I won’t post here for obvious reasons.

No use jumping through even above legit links…if I can’t fund a card yet…and such info that I could was just scammer links

again, wondering


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Hru all?
A I have registered few months back to apply for this card, I have as well received an email regarding the Litecoin BlockCard.
I also have the same the same problem…is it legit link?
As for y I ask myself the question, it is because first I live in France (where the card is not available yet) and second because only the Dashboard button on the site is actually active link, the others (deposit, Reward, Transaction, Support) buttons are not active links. Additionally, my whole profile is inaccessible and grayed out. So I cannot fund this card to receive it.
But the link from the email telling u can fund your card is actually legit. I believe there is a bug somewhere

So I assume …the recomended one is the blockcard from directly on the litecoin foundation site…i’ll try that one…and reply here when/if i get it working


Ok…going through the Litecoin Foundation Site…I eventually get to the link below…which says not

available yet…so just follow the links on the News…scroll down it is the ternio card…listed in that method

which says no balance yet

I’ll see if the other link is also legit in another post here

NOTE: there is no other link…simply different way to get to the same litecoincard info

to be clear this one let me inside but won’t let me setup a bank to deposit such yet…even though

the banner says it is up in the USA. No support or email button to ask either. Kinda lame setup

with not support button. Anyway, looks like this is the only game in town for a litecoin block card

and even though I get emails saying I can deposit…my account says not available yet…go figure.


I have been signed up for the Ternio one for months it seems, but still not usable. Can log in but that is about it.

People are confusing the:

  • LTC Block by Ballet
  • Litecoin Card

The Litecoin Card is a debit card, where you deposit your Litecoin to spend at any store which accepts Visa/Mastercard. The LTC Block is a limited edition physical wallet made out of 99 Silver.

The website for the LTC Block is: ltcblock.com
The website for the Litecoin Card is: litecoin-card.com

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I get emails from Ternio all the time saying to use it now it is available…but the site still says coming soon…not encouraging that they have their crap together.


I haven’t gotten any thing from them except for the old crypto block card account I used to have which I closed months ago.

I believe right now the actual card is only available to those who registered and were selected. Mainly LF members I think…

They told me its coming soon as usual.

Anyway for now i think the best option to use your crypto is actually crypto.com card
Then there is also bitwala (only btc/eth) and i’m checking out plutus.it as well (think only ETH for now).