What is the end game for litecoin as a privacy coin?

Hi, I was wondering where the things are going with litecoin lately. Namely, is there any plan to make litecoin a truly private coin, which gives users full altough optional privacy? Some bitcoiners are saying the current mweb implementation doesn’t give user a full protection and there are ways to spy on txs. Do you think this will change in the future? When could it change?

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find me an example of how mweb doesn’t give full privacy!
I’ll wait

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I can’t post links so drop it on twitter


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you can message me the link

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That’s the first time I am hearing about something like that. It would have been great if some more information was shared. Otherwise, I will just keep wondering.


always ask for a source of those claims.
Most of the time they don’t bother to answer or they tell you to look it up which means there isn’t any.

There are possible outcomes for litecoin as a privacy coin but depends on future what rules will come.

  • Litecoin becoming the leading privacy coin, used by individuals and businesses alike for private transactions.

  • The development of new and improved privacy features for litecoin, making it the most private and secure coin on the market.

  • Widespread adoption of litecoin as a payment method, due to its privacy features.

  • Litecoin being integrated into existing financial systems as a privacy-focused alternative to traditional payment methods.

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