What is the difference between bitcoin cash and litecoin?

Litecoin is much more secure (less prone to being 51% attacked) due to dominating its mining algorithm (Scrypt).

Litecoin also has SegWit implemented (BCash is against SegWit), permitting Litecoin to have second layer scaling solutions such as Lightning Network built on top of it, following Bitcoin’s path.

Also, purely my opinion, but Litecoin has much more integrity- BCash community is known for trying to scam people into thinking it’s the real Bitcoin.


I own both but I completely agree!

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Totally agree, and I hope Litecoin will surpass BCH in the long run cause all those reasons.


Totally agree with you on that!

Thanks for pointing that out!

It would help BCH’s case if they admitted to themselves they are a separate project and put out non-conflicting client software.

I reckon it’d be wiser to tell that to the BCH crowd :wink: