What is the current state of LTC development?

What is the current state of Litecoin development? Has MASTS been implemented? How long until MimbleWimble gets implemented? What has Litecoin done since Segwit an LN?



I suppose these questions are to developers of the project, do they even answer questions here?

doubt it - busy developing…lol

The head litecoin dev posts on here…look around.

He also contacts me once in awhile. (Like the time I accidently banned all IP’s from Singapore…my bad) :frowning:

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Where can I get this information if not here? I’m not finding any Litecoin spaces with any substance to them - they’re almost all exclusively about speculating. Thanks.

www.bitcointalk.org has various LTC threads. Mining (now moot), speculation, future of LTC, etc


also the founder Charlie Lee has a twitter feed you can follow.

wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litecoin

or Ask questions here I guess :slight_smile:

I would add that Litecoin has implemented enough to integrate with Lighting Network. That means you can do atomic swaps of Bitcoin to Litecoin (and vice versa).

With it’s shorter block time, I actually use it for developing applications on Lighting because otherwise I would be waiting 10 minutes for blocks to be confirmed.

Its faster for Lightning Network? In the haze of Bitcoin Maximalism, I have never heard this case for Litecoin before. Do you think certain lightning applications will be better suited for Litecoin’s-LN?
Just curious to getting a devs opinion since I don’t have deep understanding of dev differences of bitcoin and litecoin.

In other words, bitcoin maximalists would be quick to tell you anything litecoin can do, bitcoin can also do, so litecoin is redundant. Do you see a future where lightning network has usecases better suited for litecoin over bitcoin?


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The anchoring and settlement transactions on the blockchain are faster on Litecoin, yes, I am sure, the transactions in the payment channel, commit transactions, aren’t faster, just the transactions confirmation on the public block chain will be faster, up to the user how many confirmation they wish to wait, 1, 3, or maybe 6. Likely not a case anyone’s proposed because there are only a handful of people looking at this right now.

Sure, and they’d be wrong because the block time on bitcoin can not become shorter and the number of coins available larger with out a significant change to the network, unlikely to ever happen.

Yes, generally in any case where you need a fast anchor or settlement transaction confirmation, litecoin would be the choice. I’ve moved a good amount of LTC and BTC into and out of payment channels and it’s a pain to wait up to 1 hour (6 confirmations on the BTC blockchain) for an application to settle my transaction.

Will keep you up to date on this and let you know, I will also ask around to other lnd developers to see what they think. I think anything on LND_LTC will be able to nicely support LND_BTC so the faster mechanics in the Litecoin public blockchain seem more attractive.

LTC :rocket: :full_moon:

Yeah!! its doubtful…but need to research more to get the answer.

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