What is my litecoin adress?

i need to send my litecoinadress to some company to transfer me money To me i have this account more than a month when i have opened the profile i find excactly what i wrote mosalahfromegypt but he told me this is not a Litecoin adress can any one helps me please thanks

First, you will have to setup a wallet. If you are using Android or iOS, you might want to take a look at Litewallet.

Before you get into trouble, please use official channels to get info on download: https://litecoin.org/

Free wallet is good wallet,I use it

Be careful this sound like a scam … people always say they are goign to send you money but really they just want your account information… If you have not sold something to this person do not trust them.

it works like email…you cant send anything until some one gives you an address to send to…
then you send using your private key/public key pair in a wallet to send coins to a receivers address

i can not make a wallet >>>> how can i download a wallet

go to litecoin.org and click download