What if BTC drops to 12k or less?

So till now we see that LTC price is following BTC price …
So what will be The LTC price if Btc drops again to 12k-15k???
happy to hear opinions

I see 3 support line, and the price has passed the first support. So the next downsize at the price around 122-110. Hopefully after touch that price, the trend will rebound. If the price can’t hold and pass the 110. It will go down and land at 95-90 before take off.

Just my 2 cents.

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The steady hodler with strong hands will still be in profit and love to see the price dip that low to buy more at lower levels.
Bring it in.


I dot think technical analysis works write here and now…in this price range
BTC price has gone so up due to news and elon musk tweets and the correction will be done
but … eg with 12 % correction of BTC 25% correction on LTC happens

I’m still fine. :slight_smile:

The reason I’m still ‘sane’ with this pump etc, is that it I don’t plan on touching any of my BTC/LTC or whatever…just put it in my Will. I have enough $$$ from Traditional Investments that even if we have another great recession or even depression I can get by just dandy. So I tell the folks in my will when they give me a ‘bad time’ about BTC/LTC/Crypto that 'hey, no troubles for me…not like I’m gonna touch the BTC/LTC/Crypto…I’m simply speculating with ‘your’ money now…I’m golden…stuff to do…I’m bored… :slight_smile:

Might be a ‘little’ bit mean…but hey…I have issues with life…in that means getting one and NOT be on here so much…but it has little to do with money at this point and more to do with me getting out and about again after this covid-19 panemic.