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What will the price of Litecoin be in 10 years?

Over 5000 USD

In the last 6 years LTC went from $12 to to $ 65 while at the same time BTC went from $ 960 to $ 27000. The ratio went from 80 LTC = 1 BTC to where it is now: 430 LTC = 1 BTC. If this trend continues in 6 years LTC will possibly be 2000 LTC = 1 BTC. So the question is what will the price of BTC be?, then divide by 2000. If BTC goes to ONE MILLION DOLLARS, then LTC should be about $500. The question is wll you continue to lose value against BTC or will you convert all long term assets to BTC and only use shitcoins like LTC for quick easy, low cost payments. Works for me.