What can we do to advertise LTC?

At this point, it is clear that Litecoin has been suppressed for what seems to be obvious reasons. The privacy upgrade seems to be one of the contributing factors as to why the price has been so heavily manipulated. I’m no savant or crypto detective. But LTC is everything you need, it’s Bitcoin but much faster and much cheaper to transact. For anyone have opinions on why the price has stayed so low? Specifically, who would be against it that is powerful enough to sabotage it? There’s no logical reason why it’s under the 1:4 bitcoin ratio. A 200 billion USD market cap is sensible. Any input or counsel on the subject is super appreciated.

I feel like the price has stayed low for a few reasons…

People are all about what’s new and shiny and has the potential for an overnight 100x. There’s so many alt coins that get a lot of attention on social media these days and pretty much every new alt coin boasts proof of stake which comes with free air drops and staking rewards.

In comparison, Litecoin with it’s modest adoption, proof of work structure and lack of “rah rah rah” social media marketing by “influencers” it just seems kinda dusty. Plus, I think a lot of people are still bitter about the creator having sold all their known holdings at a previous peak. Which to the layman seems quite bad on the surface but to anyone that takes the time to think it through realizes that it was the best thing that could happen to Litecoin as you can’t have a decentralized currency when there is a single figurehead at the top. Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin needs no head of operation with a massive holding at this point. For example, look at Ethereum and how everyone sees it as being “owned” by Vitalik Buterin. The day Vitalik walks away from ETH is the day it dies… seriously, it would be like Steve Jobs leaving Apple kind of impactful both on the ETH community and price. Eth is a long way from being able to flourish without Vitalik at the helm.

I feel that Litcoins day will come and it will do so naturally without the need to try to pump it. I see Litecoin very much the same as Bitcoin in its early days in every sense (price, nodes, adoption, security…etc). Litecoin is still under the radar but its solid tech, adoption continues to grow, even the price has had stable growth at about 51% per year on average over the last 6 years (a higher average if you go since it’s inception date). In fact, it’s been a lot less volatile and more consistent in terms of price growth than Bitcoin. It also has the exact same value proposition as Bitcoin but without the “satoshi” wallet to worry about and without as many lost coins as Bitcoin has. Unlike a typical Bitcoin fork that copies the blockchain and impliments new rules going forward, Litecoin was created from a new blockchain based on Bitcoin’s code that does its own thing. Yes, concentration of ownership of coins is still not great but it’s really not much different than when Bitcoin was at this stage (in terms of market cap and node count). Concentration will solve itself as price goes up and so will miners/node distribution. As Bitcoin continues to become more impossible for the average business to mine I feel more people will turn to Litecoin for mining. I wouldn’t be surprised if an entire industry of retrofiting Bitcoin ASICs emerged.

Anyways, Litecoin has a very limited supply - yes its 4x more than Bitcoin but it’s still a VERY limited supply. 84,000,000 coins for a world population of over 8 billion is still just 0.0105 LTC per person. It has cheaper fees, more privacy, faster processing time, is one of the 4 crypto currencies supported by Paypal, it’s been running almost as long as Bitcoin without any downtime or roll backs, it also supports the entire Dogecoin ecosystem, it runs on proof of work, it’s decentralization is growing…etc…etc. Again, it’s like Bitcoin in the early days and for these reasons and more it’s totally undervalued for what it is.

Eventually, once we’ve had the Bitcoin ETFs in more countries, maybe we see Ethereum ETFs and we start seeing bitcoin hit levels like $100,000… $200,000… $500,000 people are going to very much start looking to see if there’s anything else like Bitcoin in terms of security, longevity, performance, and general value proposition. It’s at that point people will wake up to Litecoins true value that Litecoin can offer that’s in many way just as good (if not better) than what Bitcoin has to offer. At that point stirrings of a Litecoin ETF will happen and we’ll see Litecoin start moving very fast to catch up closer to the 1/4 value of Bitcoin that is more realistic for it to have.

But I don’t think we need to advertise this. Savvy investors will sniff it out much the same way Bitcoin got its exposure.

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