What are the predictions for the future movement of Bitcoin?

To sell or buy? that is the question…

I suppose ‘to buy’ because I’ve read a lot about BTC going up until 2020, so hold

Everywhere they write that Bitcoin will grow, and on what is this forecast based?

It’s impossible to even approximately assume the growth or fall of bitcoin for a month or two, since the reasons for changing its rate are different. Starting from a minor war in the Arab countries, ending with the collapse of any world currency. This is why traders who buy currencies for a very long time run the risk of losing large amounts of money. When I started working as a Fondex broker I was taught by professionals to bet for a short period of time and after two years of training, I finally began to earn really big money. Study this area if you like it and it’ll start to bring you money.

Bitcoin goin’ up it’s deflationary

I believe if you choose the optimal strategy for promoting cryptocurrency you can avoid negative consequences it is Especially important to choose the right platform. These days, cryptocurrency trading websites offer a wide range of features, such as multi-platform and, most importantly, multi-key security. The main thing is to find those who will help you in this difficult task and then the chances of predicting the movement of a certain currency will grow at times, especially such an open currency as bitcoin.