Wemineltc search Owner

About the wemineltc pool,

After long time seeking around for any “res world” contact to reach the system administrators and/or management of WeMineLTC pool, posting on their forums more and more requests, actually we do not have any answer about where our 3.700 already mined LTC are after a cash out that does not perform correctly and the forum is now offline.

We had mined more that 3.700 LTC in one year and the we can them out from WemineLTC the transaction was not executed but at the same time the amount of mined LTC on the pool was set to zero.

Just to let know to people around that we at now have not yet received neither our LTCs neither a reply from the pool managers about the situation. We have asked to ISP and hosting services to get in contact with the pool managers without any result.

We are talking about a lot of money lost in power consumption, of more than 3.700 LTC mined on our account not received from the pool to our wallet, no trace of transaction in the blockchain no record of LTC withdrawal and a lot of logs of calculated LTC we do not ever receive.

If anyone is using wemineltc pool take car of withdraw their LTC when are less than 20 because big transactions seems to be a way of fraudulent bait of the wemineltc managers.

Any contact with the pool owners could be useful, first to have an answer on where our 3.700 LTC are at now, if they had a system problem and they lost those mined LTC that belong to us or if more simply they have stolen them sure to not be reachable in the real world.

Be aware that wemineltc is not so reliable as appear and that we as some others had a serious problem on cash out thousand of LTC.

Looking forward to hearing anyone who had same problem and, maybe, have a reply to our request from pool managers or better a personal contact to better understand where LTC are and why are not moved to our wallet address.

same problem here. they blocked my account over a year ago along with my ftc acct


I have 24 Titan cubes to sell total hashing power 1100mh/s. Urgent Moving in a small apartment downtown.