Wemineltc Payouts?

I have been mining with wemineltc.com for over a year, with no real issues.
Now I find Autopayouts are not being sent out.
i try to cash out manually, but this is suspended.
Should I be worried ? Any other miners with the same experience here ?

( I have lost mined credit to a pool before. )

If I were you I would point my miner to another pool until the issue is resolved…

Thanks Hawkin,
That is already done, but I worry about my balance that I have left with them.

I have the same problem with wemineltc, I have several months without being able to withdraw balance. Have any idea why ?

I do not know the real reason, but I suspect it may have something to do with the Chinese government suspending trade with BTC and LTC.
I am disappointed in wemineltc because they should have posted this on their notifications board.
If they have a problem then they should inform their miners, so that people know what is going on.
I have stopped mining in the pool until I get my payout. It would be stupid of me to continue with mining if i do not know if I am going to get paid out.