Web site litecoin.com

Don’t you think that the design of the https://litecoin.com/en/ website is outdated and looks too modest?


Design is subjective. I think it looks great :slight_smile:

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I do not like. The site is like a cheap cosmetics or jewelry store that went bankrupt long ago :smile:


Yes, I agree, It needs a better design and more info for Individual, Developer, and Merchants

Few suggestions,

  • Litecoin supported wallets
  • Developer portal with list of libraries etc
  • Merchant tools

There are several other websites related to litecoin: https://litecoin.org/ and https://litecoin-foundation.org/
After the adoption of Litecoin by Paypal and in Venezuela, people who have heard only about Bitcoin will start to wonder what Litecoin is? Need accessible and understandable answers to questions

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It should feature some tokenomics and charts similar to what can be found for Bitcoin and Litecoin below.

Also it could feature a chart showing how many Litecoins are mined / in circulation and how many are left to mine …

Did you know it would take usd 1.6 bln only to buy all Litecoins left to mine at current price of usd 89, but usd 47.1 bln at usd 19260 to buy the remaining Bitcoins and usd 38.5 bln to buy the remaining XRP. Litecoin is way way too cheap at usd 89.

That should somehow be shown on the website with a bar chart - 3 bars showing Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin how much money it takes to buy the remaining coins.


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The litecoin.com site is run independently, and not the Litecoin Foundation. They also designed the site, so I imagine they think the site looks good enough. Though I have shared this post with him.

I understood. In the section “wallets” for downloading Litecoin Core goes to github, in my opinion it’s stupid. And Litewallet is not mentioned in mobile wallets