WE NEED HELP HERE! Transaction not sent from ltc-coin.info wallet to the blochain

Hi there!

I have a LTC wallet at ltc-coin.info website and I received some coins there.
I made a request to send the received coins to another LTC wallet. In the website’s transactions area, it says that the transaction was processed and I have no funds there, but when I look at the blockcypher for the same address, the coins are there and have not been sent.

I opened a ticket on this website, I emailed them, I tried to call them… I received no answer.

What can I do in this case?

Screen capture here.

I have exactly the same problem! I also received some LTC on my wallet at ltc-coin.info and tried to forward them to another wallet. I also received the message that the LTC were send from my wallet, but according to the blockcypher, the balance of my wallet is unchanged!

Can anybody please help here? I am absolutely willing to offer a reward if necessary!!

It says on the ltc-coin.info website that with the security phrase you can regain access to your coins if their services are down. How can you do that?

I have the security phrase setup and saved.
What can I do with it?

Or how can I get the private key for my wallet on this website?

Just great!!

The website ltc-coin.info is now marked as inactive.

Can anybody please help us here? It seems we have been scammed…

So ltc-coin.info is up and running again, but the blocked transaction is still blocked. :frowning:

Unfortunately,the same problem any one can help!


Have you been able to get in contact with them already? I have the same problem for about 2 weeks now the coins are out of my wallet and proccessed but never reached the destinated wallet… :frowning:

Yeah… I got in touch with mr. Roumen Jacques at the phone no +31 651 45 08 82 via SMS and he said he is not the owner of this website, and that the real owner is misusing his contact info. Then I got in touch with the domain registrant of this website, Open Provider from Nederlands, and asked for the real owner’s info and they say that they cannot do that, but they will pass on the request to the real owner. Also, i found this email addres attached to this domain: nepehelex@p33.org if that can help in any way.

Maybe if more of us make complaints about this domain to openprovider.nl, we may get somewhere.


Found those details too but didnt got far.
Have contacted the hosting provider too but don’t have any hopes though.

Is there any chance that the coins can be accessed to thru a backdoor?

there is no backdoor… and if you find one, you will be famous and rich