Ways to import wallet.dat?

Hey there,

I have a wallet.dat address from 2013, which I stored on a hard-drive. I’d like to recover the wallet, what are my options? Can I import wallet.dat into anything other than litecoin-core? Do I need to make sure I’m running the most up to date version of core?

I also managed to find the public address, but only in QR code format. Does anyone have a reliable source that I can use to upload the image so I can convert it to a string and look up on the public ledger? I want to make sure the coins are still there.


open your appdata folder under c:/users/(currentUser)/Appdata/Roaming/Litecoin and replace the wallet.dat file with your backup and rename it wallet.dat then restart litecoin

Have I got a few questions for you. First, if I have a back-up data file from an encrypted wallet that was erased and now all I have is the backup file and I want to recover any coins that might be on that data file what if I have created a new wallet and it is empty. Should I sit a password on the new wallet the same as the old wallet or does it not matter? And does the new wallet ask me for a password that was used on the old wallet? It seems to me that if I had any coins in my new wallet I would lose them if I erased that file and replaced it with my old file. In my case it does not matter, but maybe some others might want an answer to that question. Thanks and anybody else who has an opinion can also join in. XR732

Here I am replying to my own post. No one else would talk to me. The answer is this: Create a new, “clean” Litecoin Wallet, the latest version is fine. It should be a wallet of the same “brand” as the original wallet. For us in this chatroom it would be Litecoin QT. Then put a password on it which is the same as the password on your original wallet. Now search for the litecoin folder which contains the new wallet.dat file. You can delete this file, since the new wallet is empty. I am an amateur with computers so I deleted it and then I had a hard time getting back to the same folder. Thus, I will say change the name of the new wallet.dat file to, say, wallet222.dat. Just make the file name blue and then right click it and in the menu select “rename”. Then after finding your old wallet.dat file you can easily search for the wallet22.dat file and put the wallet.dat file from your old wallet in the exact folder that contains the wallet22.dat file. I also had a hard time doing this. Drag and drop works if you have a way to get the new Litecoin folder and the old wallet.dat file on the screen at the same time. It took me 2 hours of struggle. Good luck. Okay, now that the wallet222.dat file and the wallet.dat file from your old wallet are in the same folder delate the wallet22.dat file which was only used as an easy way to find the right damn folder again. Okay, now your new wallet thinks the old dat a file is the new one. Restart your computer and bring up your wallet. It should sync by itself. Be sure to keep a copy of your old data file until everything is recovered perfectly. Sorry I had to answer my own question.