Warning to all $LTC holders

There’s a 150k members discord group planning to dump their litecoins at the same time, they are a well known group so just becareful and don’t panic sell. I can’t post screenshots here but the admin made an announcement yesterday -> discord.gg/URJ6UFh8Vg

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mmmm…when is it supposed to happen?

When ? I want to buy !!!

Wow, didn’t see that happening. Maybe it can be beneficial for all of us and we can buy with the dip.

I smell BS but the future will show I guess…

If that so called group dump it, grayscale will buy all of it…hahaha

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I just buy more and more. If the price even touched 122.50 for one second I auto scoop it up over and over and over. We just need the swing traders to stop stagnating it between 125 and 135. Escalating right triangle as well as bull flag signal in play. Flag poll length traditionally shows the growth of next leg up. I am calling $156 for litecoin in the next month

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okay … then I will wait before I invest more, thanks for your tip :slight_smile:

Called it :wink: