Walmart hits 200 million transactions through crypto integration

Walmart says it hits 200 million transactions through $2 billion crypto integration in 2050.
quietly advancing is what many people like, still now an then you need a push.

In a collaboration aimed at revolutionizing the retail food market with enhanced >sustainability and traceability, VeChain (VET) and Walmart have recently [achieved a >significant milestone of over 200 million transactions. This achievement underscores the >dedication of both VeChain and Walmart to modernizing the industry.

VeChain uses Proof of authority, and claims to incorporate Web3 with it.
I think that is marketing in its worst form. Proof of authority is as central as it can be. Someone has to give that authority after all.

Web3 is another gimmick no one will ever archive. A website need a domain which you buy, or make. The server is really more than one. Webserver apache2, nginx among others, mailsserver Exim among others.

Still Walmart is a Maverick in the Crypto world. Hopefully someone of the Litecoin Foundation manages to get Litecoin onto their ATMs.


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I dream to have a small brick & mortar shop that accepts ltc (with mweb) :gem:

Since when did walmart accept crypto?

Prepwork since 2022 I reread the article and its all future. Still a chance for Litecoin to jump onto that wagon,

What is ‘proof of authority’?

It sounds like b**lsh*t.

One proves authority with a fancy title, publicity, and a narrow sphere of expertise.

Instead of asking just copy it and use the search engine of your liking.
Swearwords bring you no progress should you ever strive for it.

Rhetorical question.