Wallet password recovery

I’ve read quite a few posts about password recovery and it seems that cxop might be able to help. Well anyone who thinks that he/she can unlock the wallet.dat would be really appreciated for trying. It’s not a big wallet, just 3,4 Litecoins in it. But it’s of someone who has just started with Litecoin and even though I warned about a million times to safe keep or remember the password, its not working…She did keeps it in Last Pass but since the password is only entered once in Litecoin Core I guess a typo is the most likely cause. At least we have a good idea of what it might be but after trying so many options…we ran out of ideas.

A back-up .dat is available

Hopefully it can be retrieved or I guess it will be a good (but quite expensive) lesson :wink:


And sometimes one is too quick too ask for help…It is recovered after all!

if you ever need help with it in the future… we usually use hashcat to recover the passphrases

Hi man how can i use hashcat can u give me some advices thx

down load hashcat and once you have it pulled up and working in command prompt…run hashcat from command prompt…usually in windows its:
hashcat.exe -m 11300 -a 1 wallet.dat(placed in hashcat folder) results.txt

mode 11300 should be the mode for bitcoin/litecoin wallet.dat file
start hashcat with -help flag

you can also use a dictionary attack if you know about what the password is…just make sure you use a decent wordlist which is also on their website…

also youtube videos like this one might help:
how to use hashcat

thank you man very appreciate

Hi, i would like you to retrieve my password of my wallet. The fee is one LT?
regards, jefjef

I can do it for you…are you sure you dont want to just download kali linux and use john the ripper software to do it yourself?
send me a private message by clicking the user name and selecting send message…then i will send you my e-mail address

Hi i do not have the option to send you a mail?

what do oyu mean? click my user name then cliick send message…and I am sorry but I am not going to post password findings on public servers…which is why I can only communicate through email in order to help with your password…this is to protect your coins from being stolen

Hi bakd247. I hope you can help me out. I do have the password/encrypted key + backup. Litecoin Core doesn’t recognise the password… so I can’t get any coins out. I have a Mac. Quite desperate here :grimacing:

you can download “John the Ripper” and

from terminal use bitcoin2john.py (followed by .dat location in litecoin) example for linux is: bitcoin2john.py ~/.litecoin/wallet.dat

to extract your password hash…then use the same program to guess your password with command: john (text document containing hash)

you can either download Kali Linux for a Virtual Machine, Live Cd/USB or installation and it comes with John the Ripper ( Kali Linux ) or you can download John the Ripper ( John The Ripper )…you will also need to make sure you have python installed on your system…kali comes with python

currently John the Ripper does not work on Windows

I am willing to crack passwords but I either need a copy of the extracted hash or the wallet.dat file

if you have an idea of what the password might be then you will find it faster…however brute force is always an option but takes quite a long time and should only be used when all else fails…

let me know if you need me to do it for you…just send me a personal message and I will send you my email address to send the hash or .dat file to

good luck!

I just didn’t want to start a new threat so I post my problem here. Hope it’s the right way.

I have a similar if not the exact case.

I have my litecoin wallet open. I can see LTCs in it but as always (in my case) I cannot remember the password.

My litecoins are from 2013 so my wallet app as well. It says it needs upgrading (URGENT: Alert key compromised, upgrade required) whatever that means but I feel like if I upgrade I"ll loose access to the wallet. I know it doesn’t matter in my case as I cannot touch to them.

I’ll be honest I only have 2LTC there but it is quite an amount to buy a present to my granny.

Any help would be appreciated.


This is what I am trying on my Windows 10 PC with an Intel graphics card. With or without the “word.txt” inserted into the line it won’t run.
hashcat64.exe -m 11300 -a 1 wallet.dat word.txt -o results.txt --force

I can get something to run using the following where word list (text doc) is in in the “wordlist” folder.
hashcat64.exe -m 11300 -o “results.txt” “wallet.dat” wordlist/ --force
Using this method I do generate results but it’s mostly an error “Failed to parse hashes using the ‘shadow’ format.” Not sure what the solution is.

there is your problem…your using windows for hacking…
also an intel graphics is not a graphics card…it is just integrated graphics and cannot be used for processing such as this…

you are only going to be able to use your cpu to crack with unless you have a separate video card…(NOT integrated into the motherboard)
or you could install kali linux on a Virtual Machine and use it from there…

I personally prefer john the ripper for cracking myself…assuming you have the correct opencl driver installed…
bet it works first try for ya…just make sure to add the security exception in windows 10 before you use it…otherwise windows 10 wont allow programs like these to run because they are considered malware when not used correctly

I did run Hashcat on the CPU but it was still slow. I think I needed a good list of rules set up. For example it would take many days to run 10 million possible combinations. This just seems slow. I’ll give John the Ripper a shot.

Using a CPU is going to be slow no matter what…
you are generating over 25000 iterations of the same hash with each guess…I have a 6 core cpu going on john the ripper and it only hashes at 3.5 hashes per second because it is doing 25000 iterations of the same hash with each guess…

you will NOT find your password in this life time fif you are trying to use brute force and you password is over 6 characters…

I have had the same password running for the past 6 months nonstop with no luck at all…
if that gives you any idea…

hope you know approximately what your password is…
then you can use “masking” to make it work a little faster…
masking example for all lower case 5 characters


first uppercase and the rest lower

uppercase lower and digits at the end

Good Luck!

I’m using Litecoin Core with a 20 character passphrase. I think I probably screwed up when I typed it in the first place and now I’m stuck. I’ve written the passphrase down, it’s right here under my eyes, but it doesn’t work, and my coins are in the wallet. Is there any way to recover a passphrase this long? And If yes would you be willing to help me? I’ve been trying to run hashcat for hours and I’m getting desperate.

20 characters using brute force is not possible in this life time to crack

your going to have to save your password as a text file and use it as a wordlist and enable word mangleing rules

in john the ripper it would be

john.exe --wordlist=(path to file) --rules=all (path to passphrase hash)

Thanks for the quick reply but I’m lost there. I see you can do the trick so I’ll send you a private message.