Wallet not opening - Help!


I installed LTC wallet on my mac.

I opened once and was awaiting LTC coins to be received. Unfortunately, the software will no longer open and I can’t verify if my coins have been received.

How do I fix the issue with the software? Each time I install, the software installs but during initial start up, the program crashes.

Your help is appreciated.


Have same problem! Looks not so good… Is there a way to restore the wallet?

if you have a backup then you can restore the wallet by putting you back up file in the APPdata folder and renaming it wallet.dat then restart qt and it should rescan…if no backup and you have a private key then you can import address in console and the sweep transactions with private keys but its a little more complicated than using a backup

Backup doesn’t work because it is problem with last update from Mac… lucky for me I had my laptop who was not updated yet so I have installed Electrum -LTC on this one and imported with HD-Wallet … So now I think I have to make another wallet on the updated Mac… Alway fun with virual coins :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answers guys. I am still struggling. I don’t have a back up as the program crashed prior to being able to make one. Any other suggestions? And I still can’t open the wallet on my mac.

Hi Steve:

Thanks for your help.

It looks like I also used the label reference number when transferring to the wallet. Will the label still go through to the wallet?

I’m still figuring out how to get the wallet back as I never had a chance to back it up.

Unfortunatley without a backup your kinda stuck. I was thinking that if you have a copy of your address you can import that address into a new wallet with you passphrase then do a rescan and it should import your private keys…