Wallet honor system correlated with smart contracts?

Is it possible to create a form of credit system in wallet addresses similar to a credit score where any one can set a limit for what “score” they’re willing to accept and amount plus the length of time required to pay it back?

Cough “litecoin credit card” cough? :atm:

I think the problem to do this without centralization is that one could easily generate fake credit by paying amounts to himself.

Unless u form a wallet with personal info attachted that is encrypted and unaccessable but readable like a game file. So you load your “file” to show proof of a score.

Kinda like how people already have to keep their social security cards safe…

I don’t know if it’s possible. Thinking about it, but need more details to make sure I understand the idea.

Of course, you could always use money as collateral, than yes. Someone could borrow to you using your money as collateral.

Think about bank fees on loans and then just imagine making everyone a bank thats able to loan out money. Talk about competitive.

Seems to me that the banks are gonna wanna have a talk about this. Maybe come to an agreement on how to prevent massive inflows of imaginary money into our real money.

This is where the honor system I suppose comes in to play. Your “credit”. In the meantime you probably could tie in with the banking industry to produce this credit card, but I wish there was a more decentralized way of doing it…