Wallet error cant open

Hello all. I have litecoin on a old computer and i am trying to open the wallet so i can transfer the ltc and back things up safely. I am getting a error message that i will post below. What should I do? If the wallet cannot be fixed how can I get the private keys? I have also heard of peoples coins disappearing when they try to transfer with a old wallet what should I do to prevent that? The wallet was from 2013 so it is outdated. Any additional info needed I can try to provide. Thank you!

Runaway exception

A fatal error occured. Litecoin can no longer continue safely and will quit.

EXCEPTION: 11DbException
Db::get: Not enough space
C:\Program Files (x86)\Litecoin\litecoin-qt.exe in Runaway exception


I think the HDD doesnt have enought space to allocade the blockchain, or it is encrypted… verify this two things.

hi pguerrerox

i need your help regarding my LTC wallet

Hi pguerrerox. Thank you for the reply. The wallet was not encrypted. Not enough storage space was one my thoughts to but i checked my hard drive and it says I have plenty of space over 80% actually. Its a old computer with a bad battery and power cord I dont like starting it up to risk a crash but I think it had over 200 GBs left. The wallet does try to load and says loading block index for maybe 3 minutes and then the same error always occurs. Also the clock on the computer is wrong the computer thinks it in 2011 and some web browsers dont even work. Its a huge pos basically. I wonder if the clock being wrong messed things up at all or i have some kind of virus?

well I fixed the clock and the wallet opened.Now just to upgrade and sync. To everyone out there a out of sync clock will mess up a lot of things on your computer!