Wallet drained please help

Is here’s anybody that could help me,

I want to get closure

I would offer 90% of any recovered litecoin, I still have my private keys

I would just like to know what happened.

I’m in Avery dark place, very down right now

I put everything into ltc, it’s worth over £20k or $30k

That is all my life’s savings I’m in my 40s

What the hell can I do now.

Is there anybody who can help me find out more information

what is the paper wallet website you used to generate your private key?

Can’t remember, is there a way to tell from the wallet itself?

Is there a way to look for an IP address from a public address?

How many people are mysteriously lost crypto and never finding out how?

This person has had 209 litecoins stolen. If litecoins need confidentiality, the person who stole them should be discoverable, and if not then they are already confidential.

Thanks All

I really appreciate the help

Is there anything else I can do?

I can offer £1000 cash and 50% of the litecoin recovered for any good information about what happened

I just want to know who and how they got my 209 litecoin

I posted all the info above before, even the private keys because there is nothing to lose now that the wallet is empty

I’m living in hope that I will get to find out one day, after all the blockchain is immutable and the info is there forever

I can offer £1000 reward to anybody who is able to track the addresses my litecoin went to if they can find anything useful.

If I recover any litecoin or not the £1000 reward is just for the information and 50% of any litecoin recovered is a bonus if there is any

I am posting my ltc wallet here as its been emptied anyway

If anybody can help trace this 209 ltc any info at all then I’m serious about the reward

Even if never recovered I just want to know

But if they can be recovered then I’m happy to offer 50% as well as the £1000

What does it mean when there were 20 senders? That’s odd isn’t it?

20 sender’s is weird. This is the one where someone stole 209 ltc and emptied my wallet. I still don’t know how because the private key was never ever online or anywhere




May 7, 2018, 5:54 AMUTC

Transaction hash:


Senders: 20

Recipients: 1

Just as indicated by @mautematico

what is the paper wallet website you used to generate your private key?

The generator most likely.

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Thanks for reply Nickz

The generator was the one most people were using at the time for both btc and LTC wallets, this was around 2015/6.

My dad also made paper wallets the exact same way as me everything was exactly the same at the same time and his was fine but after what happened to me he moved his crypto.

If it was the wallet generator why didn’t they take my dads as well?

Is there any other way at all to break private keys? Some say it is possible these days?

I strongly suggest you contact Police Authories about this

Your LTC was clearly stolen
When a crypto steal gets reported to police, all the addresess associated with your address will be blacklisted.
Big services like blockchain & binance & coinbase & robinhood and so and so can hold the funds and make the funds unaccessible till their source is confirmed

Reporting this to police is the first thing you should have done.

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Thanks ok I will report it

What is the process?

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Imagine you have 10 000 of keys, you first check who holds a 1000 and than go down (fiction)
How much did your dad hold at the time?

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I did report it to the police and they told me to make a statement. I also made a large report on report fraud they have a specialist team and they have all the details

Is there any other procedure

My dad had about the same as me, we used the same generator to make Bitcoin wallets and they held more value. They are not taken so it doesn’t make any sense

The most popular wallet generator was walletgenerator(dot)com

And i decided to do some research


Please take a look at these links.

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Thank you yes that is the most likely I have read those.

What I don’t understand is that I generated the private key offline. How could the dodgy wallet generator still somehow get the private key?

I understand if the one I generated was fake and they had a real one, but my dad did everything the same as me and his private key worked?