Very tricky situation , Will the A4 Dominator be profitable at september?

Thanks for this great forum members for accepting me one of them
I am a new miner and I was wondering , does it really deserve 1400 USD to be paid for dominator A4 with hash rate 280 , which should be delivered at September?

Very tricky and hard question , specially when we think about the difficulty increase and possibility of price increase or decrease?

What do you suggest , everyone?

this is exactly why I’d rather wait and more than likely buy the ones that people are selling at a loss on ebay…plenty of hashing power for sale with older models that are profitable right now…my GPU profits .001LTC every day after paying for power…LTC is profitable to mine no matter how you do it…but if you want more faster then you need a fast miner…I’d rather have an A2 terminator off ebay that Id have in just over a week anyday over a $4500 miner I have to wait 3 months to get…

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I hope so because I have some being delivered in late August.
If you have high electric rates check out Giga Watt for hosting, if you buy their ICO token you can lock in 3.3c kwh with no hosting fees.
With that low power costs you’ll remain profitable longer than most miners, and if we are lucky LTC price keeps rising to offset difficulty. If you do go the hosting route the tokens from Giga Watt are good for 50 years so you can rent them out to other miners when the L3+ can’t cover the power costs. Lowest rental rate is 36% so you’ll still generate income even if you decide not to upgrade after the L3+ is obsolete. So extra cost now buying tokens but longer term should be much more profitable, unless your power costs are near 3.3c kwh in which case you should buy as many miners as you can :wink:
I think the LTC price will offset difficulty and even at average power rates you should be able to ROI if you decide to mine at home. And in winter you get extra free heat, but they aren’t that quit so you can’t put it in your bedroom or living room but still free heat is nice if you live somewhere with cold winters.

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figure out what your max usage is per month and dont go over because that that 3.3 per kwh will change if you do…they could double charge you if you go over…thats what Marietta power did to me when we were locked in a low rate and I plugged in my plant lights…I cant mine anything at that house so I had to move just to be able to not get over charged for wanting to use more power…I will never buy a prorated power plan…I mine too many coins for that…

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What you are asking is the million dollar question and if anyone could answer that we would all be millionaires by now. Nobody can answer that question. That being said though the dominator A4 has the best tech in the market. If I’m not mistaken they are the only ones using 14nm chips so owning one puts you ahead in the market vs others using 28nm or even 16nm. It’s a robust miner and so far very reliable even in tough summer weather.
But can you buy only one? If I’m not mistaken the minimum order quantity is 4 or 5 isn’t it?