Very Serious Problem Unconfirmed trasanctions since 14 hrs from Trezor with high fee

i am stuck in middle of no where,i have sent a huge amount of LTC in 4 different transaction from my trezor to another wallet from legacy and normal ltc accounts both,even i selected custom fee and chooses high while there are 4 transactions all of them are stuck since last 14 hrs,0 confirmations, even before 2 transaction got successfully done with a bit lower fee then the one i have chosen for these ones, Please somebody help,i am really worried about it, because it’s also showing unconfirmed in my trazor wallet while also in the insight of trezor it’s showing unconfirmed,that’s quite strange what’s going on with my ltc please somebody help. thank you so much in advance

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And yes my Trezor have the latest Firmware updated

Please somebody help