Valid paper key in my litewallet appears to be invalid and I can not access the funds

Hello, guys. Last month, I think on 17 of July, I lost my mobile phone on a party with the litewallet installed on it and since then I can not access my litewallet through typing the 12 words paper key. The wallet had PIN number set and fingerprint aswell.
This is my litecoin address: Litecoin / Address / LZrx6mBsRyyoFaSiFYdfugSGmhZCcRkVUo — Blockchair
As you can see the funds haven’t been moved since received (Jan 15, 2023), so it means the thief of the phone hasn’t got an access to my funds yet. I have also set up an option throught google that when someone connects to the internet, the whole data from the phone gets deleted, so my phone should be safe.
I have downloaded litewallet on my new mobile phone (xiaomi redmi note 12) and while trying to type 12 words paper key, the lite wallet throws up a message “the paper key appears to be invalid”. I am sure the paper key is valid as I have tried to type the paper key from the same piece of paper before.
My question is, could a person who stole my phone somehow change the 12 paper key words? Or could it be that a person who stole my phone, deleted my wallet completely that it evaporated and i will no longer be able to acces it throught 12 word paper phrase? Is it an issue with litewallet?


I don’t know what causes your particular problem, but I helped someone close with a problem with his MetaMask seed phrase. He was failing to get his seed phrase to work, so he reached for my help and even gave me his seed phrase. He’s not a native English speaker, so one word was mispelled. Once that was addressed, the seed phrase became usable again.

Since you’re not a native speaker, check if the spelling of all of the words are correct.

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hello, buddy, i dont mispell it. i am more intrested in, if its possible to change the 12 words phrase. maybe the thief has done that? but i dont think so

What about synchronization? Was that enabled and working?

No, that is not possible.
key words are a form of static backup, meaning same 12 words, processed using the same algorithm will always produce same private keys; meaning there is no way to “change the 12 paper key words”

This is also not possible. same 12 words will always produce same private keys.

IMO this sounds like an issue with the 12 words itself.
This phrase:

refers to the fact that 12-word keys are not honoring the standard. “12 key words” are actually “11 key words” + 1 checksum word.

see it yourself:
this is a correct 12 seed word sentence:
legal winner thank year wave sausage worth useful legal winner thank yellow

but this is not:
legal winner thank year wave sausage worth useful legal winner yellow thank

try both on this website:

So my bet here is: either some word is misspelled or some word is in the wrong order.

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Sorry you are having issues with Litewallet. We have FAQs and real people available to help sort your issue.

Please visit

Someone will help you.

Good luck!

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I am a lucky one who has managed to get my wallet with 8000$ back… That was indeed a problem with the 12-word phrase.
Thank You everyone for help!