Using CGMiner or any other on Windows with RX 6800 to mine Litecoin?

I have an RX 6800 and I’m trying to mine litecoin on windows. I have a pool that I would like to mine to with their stratum urls and etc. Do I need a version of cgminer 3.2.7 or prior to mine litecoin? What settings should I pass in to cgminer to get the rx6800 to actually work? I tried configuring it so many different ways but I get 0H/s.

Is there another preferred mining software nowadays? I tried searching around but everything seems to be rather dated (2018 or prior) with dead links everywhere. Even some official litecoin links are dead.

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U won’t make any money mining Litecoin with a gpu…but if u want to learn u can go to and click their help section…
Most likely u just need to enable scrypt algorithm in the mining software your using