Use Cases, Abandonment, Maintenance, etc

Litecoin being my favorite, here are two wide applicable use cases:

  1. No property abandonment issues.
    There’s a little story here. I opened a bank account almost three years ago. I asked if there were any maintenance fees. She said no. I said okay. It was a “Credit Union”. That just means small bank, if you’re in the U.S. Okay, what’s the minimum deposit to open an account? She said, “5 dollars.” I said okay. 10 or 15 mins of paperwork, no big deal, I opened the account. I left the money in there and didn’t touch it, which is a really good technique. Many would call it saving money. So I returned, but the money was gone. The bank justified taking my money and closing the account due to “inactivity”. If you’re siding with the banker here… It only took them 2 years to steal my money. Other uneducated people would reason it’s only five dollars.
  2. There is no account fee to open or maintain.
  3. Opening a wallet doesn’t require any personal information.
  4. Wallet accessible from the internet.

I thought of a good idea here and possibly setting up a timed transaction would be neat. Having a wallet with autopay would probably require an update to the Blockchain. I would name the feature Optiumuslite Autodaddy. That would be like paychecks, bill pays…

  1. Litecoin has a community of responsiveness. Wham bam MWEB. Taproot. Softfork responsive.

  2. It’s still mostly a store of value, not half art gallery, sports betting, farm to table, investment staking, internet server, with lasers and ■■■■.

  3. Owning 2 Litecoin is still a doable thing and more pleasurable than .0001 LTC. But a Sats a sat.

  4. Trade pairs are decent.

  5. ATMs.

  6. Exposure is high, usually mentioned and adopted at same rate as the BTC.


Welcome to the community. I am involved with Litecoin, since 2013. I see it as a payment system, not a get rich quick scheme. All the applicable use cases,you mentioned are valid.
I think that within this community, we must find a way, to offer/receive services, that can be available, only for the community members.

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Thank You, the information was something to learn about.