Urgent Need for Administrative Change in Litecoin Telegram Group

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment regarding the current state of affairs within the Litecoin Telegram group, specifically with regards to certain administrator(s) who seem to be acting against the best interests of the Litecoin Foundation and its values.

As software engineer who recently assumed the role of an admin in the Litecoin Telegram group, I have always held the mission and principles of the Litecoin Foundation in high regard. It has come to my attention that a few other administrator(s) are engaging in actions that are not only counterproductive but also indirectly but knowingly support damaging to the reputation of Charlie Lee, the Litecoin Foundation and the Litecoin community as a whole.

What troubles me most is that these administrator(s) are now openly supporting and defending individuals who are spreading lies and hate about Charlie Lee and the Litecoin Foundation and are overturning decisions of other administrators, including me, who only engage in the best interest of the Litecoin project. Rather than upholding a positive and constructive environment, they now appear to be actively supporting hate, anarchy and division within the group. One of these administrators is even affiliated with a known Litecoin hate promotion group that is owned by the most toxic regulars who keep returning with fake accounts after bans (t me bitcooooooooooooooooin), which raises serious questions about their motivations and intentions.

Furthermore, the compromised state of the @resolutions channel raises doubts about the accountability of the administration team. It is alarming to note that the Litecoin Telegram group, which should ideally serve as a platform for constructive discussions and information sharing, has become a breeding ground for misinformation, personal attacks, hate and lies.

I believe that the current situation demands attention and intervention. The integrity of the Litecoin community is at stake and action needs to be taken to restore faith in the administration of the Telegram group. The continuation of the current administrative team, especially those who are actively supporting negative and harmful behavior, is detrimental to the reputation of the Litecoin Foundation and its supporters.

I respectfully urge the Litecoin Foundation to consider an escalation and a change in the administration of the Litecoin Telegram group. It is crucial that individuals who genuinely uphold the values of the Litecoin Foundation are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the group’s integrity and fostering a positive environment for healthy discussions and interactions.

I am hopeful that the Litecoin Foundation will take the necessary steps to rectify this situation and ensure that the Litecoin Telegram group reflects the true spirit of the Litecoin foundation and its supporters.


I have been active on Telegram everyday for a long time now and it has really surprised me how much FUD and Toxicity is thrown at Litecoin and on the developers on a daily basis on that chat.
More alarming, it seems like one of the admins (or maybe more) are friends with these toxic people and unban them everytime they get banned and this said admin also participates in spreading toxicity and FUD, this has led to other admins being tired of the whole mess and being tired of doing the same thing every day.

The consequences of this whole drama impact the whole group with 10,000 members. If there’s one thing I have learned about being in forums online since 2013 is that trolling/toxicity will result in permanent ban for everyone, with no second chances, however this does not seem to be the case in Litecoin.


I’m new in the Litecoin Telegram Group and I never saw so much fud and disinformation as here. In fact, in every other Crypto Telegram Group, the fudders would have been banned and not given any chance of comeback. The fud in the group is made on purpose and is hurting the project.


I’m discussing with the admins.

Telegram kinda enforces a single stream of conciousness wall of text. So it’s not the best place for in depth, or any meaningful discussion IMO. If you are looking for that, I’d suggest (of course) LitecoinTalk, Reddit’s /r/litecoin, or daily price discussion /r/litecoinmarkets or the Litecoin discord.

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