Urgent - Earn LTC

Hello everyone,

This week i took my shot on cryptocasinos and i lost around 50 LTC which were all i got and much more i could lost (i lost my savings and my pay )

So i am totaly broke and feel stupid. Do you have any tricks/advise to make me earn crypto safely, anything which can help me recover a part of my loss.

Thank you very much for your help


How did you earn your 50 LTC at first place?

I bought them with euros :frowning:

Sad to hear bro. Gambling is risky. I lost 15 usd gambling last week, I felt I needed to get it back but I decided stop gambling or I could loose all my money.

You could try to get it back on the market. Buy LTC cheap, sell expensive LTC.


Well I would suggest getting a plan for at least 3 years and by the dipsā€¦ You can totally forget about making any fast money because there arenā€™t any safe ways to earn money quickā€¦ Unless you just have luck wich is just decided by coincidenceā€¦ I believe it is better you create you own luck and start planning and setting long-term goalsā€¦


After managing that first part you can start to play around on different trading platformsā€¦ One I recommend is Bybit.
There you can play around with some tools and set up an strategyā€¦ Buying the dipsā€¦ Sell the tops (or somewhere close to the top). Have patienceā€¦ Look at how the market moves and find the most common pattern and set up you strategy.
Patienceā€¦ Long termā€¦ Risk managementā€¦ Keywords in trading. One guy told me about it and this guy is an experienced trader

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I bought them with euros

You never said how lost your LTC?

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You are about to make similar miskakes. I did. Lost 10 LTC (my all) in leveraged positions. Do not try to take revange. Wait to earn your own money. Then do your own research.


I am pretty scared how people are loosing money on crypto. I decided to test the tools that people are using to ā€˜tradeā€™ and I lost 15 usd quickly.

This scares me a lot. People are trying to invest, but the are loosing money to exchanges that are run like casinos.


or you loose a good part on withdrawal from eXchanges due to ā€œnetwork feesā€ ā€¦ fraudzā€¦

I decided to make this GET YOUT IDEA OUT OF THE PAPER AND WIN 1 LTC! #LITECOIN Hands-on Campaign so people like you can try to retrieve your money.

I tried to make a fun way so ppl could feel less guilty about their loss. Hope you like.

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Well! You need to take down the leverage quite a bit! On derivatives use maximum x5 leverageā€¦ A trader needs to have a lot of patience