Uploading LTC from backup to my wallet

Hello everyone ,
few years ago (2013) I bought some LTC and saved into .dat folder through a wallet. Four years my flash disc layed in safe.
Today i tried restore my .dat but i dont no how.

I download Litecoin Core v0.14.2

  • I tried open the file “wallet.dat” -> file->URI->open URI file: and program gives me "wallet.dat it is too large (98304bit max. 50000bit)
  • I tried copy “wallet.dat” into the Litecoin folder ->C->program files->litecoin: and program gives me “the payment request url is not valid”
  • I also checked folder app data -> roaming and there is no folder named litecoin.

Do you have any idea how to get LTC back to my wallet.


You need to find where the wallet was installed (where it have the blocks data), them put your wallet.dat in that folder.

pm send your way…


I got it THANKS !!!