Upgrade goes wrong

Hi guy’s,
I am more than happy to reward after solving this problem.
Let me explain.
I have a old ltc qt wallet that needs an upgrade (shows a message: alert key upgrade required)
So i downloaded the new version ltc core wallet of litecoin.org
when i open my wallet, fully synchronised, it shows my transaction history but no litcoins at all? balance 0

is there somebody who likes an reward for the right answer?

Hope you can help me


Hello my friend,

Im not expert but i know the horrible feeling so one thing i can think that happened to me recently…

My Nano Ledger S hardware wallet has 2 options for Litecoin.

One is legacy and one is SegWit - they both exist side by side but if my wallet is configured to segwit i cant see any coins ! If i change it to legacy (when loading it up) it usually shows all my coins and transaction history.

I know this is not much, but its just a idea, perhaps change the config of your wallet to Legacy.

I hope you get your coins back.

I think I can help you… msg your way.

Evening. I have the same problem once I upgraded. Shows transaction history but balance is 0. Did you manage to resolve? would you be willing to help?




Sorted. After reading many of the posts on the forum, discovered that I had to cancel unconfirmed transactions and then the wallet updated.

Great site!